With beautiful shallow reefs to the blue water beaches, Cozumel has been center of attraction of travelers in and around the USA for many years.  In addition to all the wonderful things to see and do, every experienced diver should at least once in his life visit the north beaches of Cozumel. My cousin is an avid diver and he goes there every year to see the beautiful reefs and beaches up close.  He goes to celebrate the anniversary of his business start up (www.MesaTowingServices.com).  He finally talked me into going with him this year and we had a blast!  I plan to go back next year. 

Here are some of the things we enjoyed in Cozumel.

  • Diving into the sea of stingray beach.

Diving here is very much like traditional diving, the water of stingray beach will give you the same experience of scuba diving but without heavy mandatory gears. The water is not so deep here hence you’ll meet ample water species just beneath the water surface.  The beach is stated in San Miguel. Security measures are taken to avoid being stung by the creatures. The visitors only talk about the beautiful rays of this experience.

  • Discover Mexico Park.

If you don’t have enough time to travel and gulp the beauty of Mexico than visiting the Mexico Park in Cozumel is the best option. From the ruins of Mayans to the Cathedral Metropolitan everything is scaled in this park. The park displays the rich cultural history of Mexico. The park even provides Mexican cuisine to experience the complete Mexican culture in the park itself.

  • San Gervasio ruins.

If you’re interested in the intellectual history of Mayans tribe than the ruins of San Gervasio is the perfect place for you to visit. The Mayans are said to be the most intelligent tribe in the history which makes their ruins to be even more interesting. The Mayan ladies used to pay tribute to the god of love and fertility, Ixchel. Now the tourists are also allowed to do the same in the park reserved as the ruins of Mayans. The admission fee of the ruins including the park sums up to $10 but the experience is worth paying the fee.

The nature living adventurers can visit the ecological park for hiking.

Your trip to Cozumel can be of utmost fun if you visit all three places mentioned above which makes Cozumel special as a tourist destination.