Are you planning a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but have no idea where to start? The Canadian Rockies offer huge mountains, and a plentiful wildlife experience. With its rich mining history and the significant spotlight on mountain games and culture, this is a perfect place to escape. If you are coming to this place for exploring the scenery and for hiking the best time to visit Canadian Rockies mountains is June or early September. Here are suggestions about some of the 5 Best Places to Visit in the Canadian Rockies-

Lake Louise

 The most popular lake in the Canadian Rockies is Lake Louise. The fantastic part of the Lake Louise is that it offers a beautiful view, no matter which season of the year you pay a visit here. In the winter, the lake solidifies over and ends up home in a winter wonderland, in addition to there’s the adjacent Lake Louise Ski Resort. In summer, the lake offers a turquoise view and an adventure park for hikers and kayakers. In any case, the excellence doesn’t stop there. Travelers can also enjoy activities indulge Hiking, mountain biking and horse riding near the Lake Louise. It is a place where you can connect with nature and the Canadian Rockies landscapes.


The Canadian Rockies are lousy with glacial lakes, but this is one of my favorites. The Valley of the Ten Peaks gives scenery like no other. The notable perspective of Moraine from the stone slide that dams the lake is a simple stroll from the parking garage, or you can lease a kayak and wander down the length of the lake.

Glacier Skywalk 

One of the unique and exciting attractions in North America is a Glacier Skywalk. If you are in Banff, a visit to Glacier Skywalk is a must. The U-shaped glass-amazed trail cantilevered close by the edge of the Sunwapta Valley. To experience the waterfalls, wildlife and more a walk to the Glacier Skywalk is a must. The Skywalk is open from May throughout mid-October, book your tickets online to avoid last minute rush!

Moraine Lake

Located in the spectacular valley of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, this ice sheet nourished lake turns into the most extreme and striking shade of turquoise blue. The Valley of the Ten Peaks in the Banff National Park gives a background like no other. The notorious perspective of Moraine from the stone slide that dams the lake is a simple stroll from the parking area, or you can lease a kayak and wind down the length of the lake.


 Perhaps the most beautiful township in the rocky mountains, Jasper sits in the Athabasca stream valley, and it flaunts a portion of the best mountain landscape in all of Canada. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains there are many beautiful lakes in the region for climbing, hiking, and fishing, yet the ideal approach to get a decent perspective of the city is to summit the Whistlers and look down on the town from a birds-eye see. From the moment you drive into Jasper, you’ll likely become hopelessly enamored with the peaceful, laid-back nature of the place. Travelers can also enjoy the Ski, board, dog sled, and snowshoe activities in the winter.

There are so many different things you can see and do while you’re in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it’s going to be tough choosing which you do, follow our guide of the things that you shouldn’t miss while in the Rocky Mountains to enjoy the vacations. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and do something!