disney world

If you’re going to Florida, we’ve got a few suggested things to do at Disney World that you should definitely add to your to-do list, so that you and your company have a great vacation. Disney World is a huge vacation resort with lots of hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment complexes, and a whole lot of many other fun things to explore.

1. Yo Ho with Pirates of the Caribbean

“Pirates of the Caribbean”, Disney World – It’s been a couple of decades of yo-hoing, but Pirates still stands the best ride in Disney World. First, it was a ride, then it inspired the insanely famous movie series starring Johnny Depp. The Disney Imagineers then placed Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as other film references into the ride.  For thrilling, classic attractions, the Haunted Mansion is also just as good in as Pirates.

2. Journey to Pandora – The World of Avatar

Pandora The World Of Avatar Dedication – The level of detail in Animal Kingdom land of Pandora inside Disney world is so high it looks real. You can keep gawking for hours at the floating mountains, the wonderful bioluminescent plants, and even see a Pandaro shaman while on your Na’vi River Journey, on a banshee on Avatar Flight of Passage ( rated as Disney World’s best simulator attractions), and a lot more in this living tribute to James Cameron’s blockbuster film series.

3. Drop In on the Tower of Terror

Disney World’s Tower of Terror – If you love thrills (which are pretty thrilling), your tour of Disney World would be definitely incomplete without a visiting the famous The Twilight Zone-themed attraction. In layman terms, the Tower of Terror is a pretty basic drop tower ride, found at many amusement parks. But this isn’t any other park, it’s Disney world. The tower of terror here is built on an elaborate theme and effects that take the fun to a  whole different level.

4. Get Thrilled – The Best of Disney World!

Disney World’s Space Mountain – Do you love the rides for the thrill and those amazing stomach-in-your-throat moments? You’ll not be able to find roller coasters of the extreme white-knuckle variety or other major thrills here. That’s more the province of ordinary amusement parks like Essel world and Cedar Point. But Disney world has a ride that will surely get your pulse racing – The space mountain ride.